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Natural skincare handmade in BC

EarthWear FAQ

Q - What is the shelf life of the product?

A – Most of EarthWear’s product line will last a couple years and more. However, the Rejuvenating Face Lotion & Combination/Normal Face Lotion do have a shelf life and the date made and BB date will be on the bottom of the jar. If you want it to last longer than the Best Before date, then simply keep it in the fridge. Many customers order two jars at a time and keep the second one in the fridge until they are ready to use it.


Q – What kind of essential oils do you use?

A – I use botanical essential oils that are sourced from their natural environments around the world. I use a Canadian supplier and buy organic when possible.


Q – Where did you get the recipes for your products?

A – All recipes are my own, I created each product.


Q – Do you offer wholesale prices?

A – Yes, I do. Please send me an email or click here if you are interested in selling EarthWear at your retail location. I would love to hear from you!


Q – Where do you make it?

A – I make everything at my house in my kitchen.


Q – Where else do you sell EarthWear?

A – I sell at the local Farmers Markets, Craft & Trade shows, retail stores and of course online. Find a current list of markets and events on my home page, and retail stores under Store Locator.


Q – What would you recommend for my type of skin?

A – Not sure what products to order? Send me an email and I will be happy to help you out.


Q – Are your products vegan? Are they gluten free?

A – Some of them are, but I have found over the years that ‘vegan’ and ‘gluten free’ mean different things to different people. Example – some people consider beeswax vegan and some don’t. So, please read the ingredients list before using to make sure it suits your needs.


Q – Are your products tested on animals?

A – NO!  They are tested on friends and family.