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EarthWear natural skincare

The EarthWear Story

EarthWear Products came into being out of my own need for safe, natural skincare products. Some years ago I had skin problems as well as a brush with skin cancer, and it became a priority for me to find natural products that I could safely use. Though I found a lot of products that were marketed as “natural,” their ingredients list said otherwise. In frustration, I decided to make my own products.


All EarthWear Products are made by me, by hand, from scratch, with all natural ingredients. Over the years EarthWear has grown into a complete line of face and body care and a full time business. The difference between my products and mass-produced cosmetic skincare products, is that mine contain no chemicals, no toxic ingredients, no artificial color or fragrance and no irritating preservatives. I make my products in small batches with pride, integrity and care for the skin that will be using it. You have my assurance that EarthWear skincare products are all natural.

Your skin is a gateway to your system and anything you put on it will absorb into your body, just like a nicotine or pain patch that you put on your skin to administer medication. You can choose what you use on your body. Be aware of what is out there and make your decisions based on what is important to you. We all have different reasons for our priorities: allergies, toxins, disease, sensitivity, personal beliefs, overall health... I believe it's important to be aware and choose wisely the substances that we use to nourish our bodies – including our skin.


Be healthy, be happy



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