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EarthWear Testimonials

Here what others who have tried my products think! Want to be included? Get in touch here!

Tammy, I LOVE the Sun Smart!! We used this sunscreen on a family holiday this week. We were at the Calgary Zoo on Monday, and it was very hot & sunny. I shook the bottle really well before using it. I loved how easy it was to apply!! It was very effective for both me & my children. I forgot to apply it to the back of my neck, and my neck got sunburned. My arms & legs & face did not! Very, very happy with this product!!

For years I've struggled with dry skin which was getting worse with age. With your Rejuvenating Face Lotion I started to see improvements almost instantly.  For the first time in years I am getting compliments on my skin!  And it's very comforting to to know the product is all natural.

Thanks, for creating such an awesome product Tammy! 

I love the  Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, it moisturises dry, chapped lips without a medicated taste or smell and is great for everyday use too. Since I know that it's free of preservatives I feel safe using it all the time. It's the only chapstick I have used for 6 years and I could never go back.
 Better Body Butter - I had bad Eczema on my hands due to the dry winter Prairie weather and being a new Mom (constant hand washing). I was told this product could treat Eczema and am amazed with the results! I used it every night before bed for 4 nights and immediately saw results. It's a week later and my Eczema is almost all gone! Great product!

I absolutely think your Sole Butter is just amazing!! My feet are so sore, tired and swollen by the end of the day and just before I go to bed, I use my sole butter to give myself a little foot massage and even a little leg massage and I find that the sole butter really helps relieve the soreness and I swear it even helps with the swelling.
Thank you so much for this wonderful, amazing product!!

I love these products! I discovered them at the craft fair in Biggar! I now know that I can go to the Farmer's Market in the city to get some! Hooray! I tried the Sole butter this fall, and gone are my 'sandpaper heels' Thank you so much for creating great products in an earth friendly fashion!

Your face moisturizer is AWESOME! Cleared up my dry patches, plumped my creepiness, and soothed my (mild) rash too. See ya later crow's feet :D

I love love love your moisturizer. The last organic moisturizer I had sat on my skin and didn't soak in. It left my face feeling heavy and greasy. The stuff I bought from you soaks right in and leaves my skin feeling light and smooth. I love love love it!!! (wait did I say that already?)

Love the peppermint foot scrub!!!! I love the way it smells and makes my skin feels after. Love your products and am buying more soon!!!

These cold sore sticks are incredible! I get a cold sore when I burn my lips, and I have stopped a cold sore that I know for sure was coming, and the last few days I had a cold sore that should have blown my lip up and usually would last two weeks that never went deep and only lasted 5 days, and no one even knew I had it - by using your stick.
Thank you very much!

I met you at the Wellness expo in Saskatoon and bought skin cleanser, toner, satin petals eye cream, and rejuvenating face cream. I have tried all sorts of expensive face product regimes including Arbonne and Clinique and I must say this is the best I have ever tried. My skin has never felt so soft. I can't stop touching my face! I love everything about your products and what you are doing. Thank you! I am hooked for life!

I love, love your Face Lotion Rejuvenating cream. Went to Mexico and it was a savior from the sun. My 15 year old son loves it too!

  The Rejuvenating Face Lotion and body butter are must, I have been using them since you started this wonderful gifts! I have introduced them to my friend who lives in Japan, she loves it and I am sending them from Vancouver, wish you open a store in Vancouver and also in Japan!!!

I've come to notice that I can't get through a day without 4 EarthWear products but in this dry weather I've had to buy extra prairie patches to keep in different rooms of the house. I take it in my purse when I leave and tuck it into my daughter's backpack if I notice her hands are particularly dry. It is so moisturizing but still leaves your hands non greasy.

Hi there,
I just wanted to say that your duck spray has saved my vacation!
I am at the beach in Nova Scotia and for the past 3 years have been mosquito food. They loved me and that was the only part of my vacation that I dreaded.
After buying your duck spray at a craft fair in Fernie I have to say I am loving this summer at the beach! Mosquitos, black flies, no seemums cut a large path around me. I have been here a month and not one bite. Everyone else is prey for them and sorry, I won't share. Told everyone where to get it so good luck selling out.
Great job!! Thank You 

Just recently purchased the facial cleanser and lip balm at the stoon expo, and cant say enough about it. Only been using both since Friday and my skin has dramatically improved since than. I'm hooked....

I love all of my EarthWear products......but if u had to pick just one.....ok I can't.... I would say the essential self restorative facial care for summer and the combination/normal face lotion for winter....and the body butter works amazing as lip gloss.....ok so I have three favs

My faves (I could not pick just one!) are the cleanser, toner, face lotion and I couldn't live without the stick for your lips!!

The eye satin is awesome! The lotion, scrub, and facial cleanser are great too! Love it all!!!

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